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9 Questions [or a bit more] to Ask Yourself Before Getting Your Real Estate License

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Well, ask anyone about the business of real estate, and they'll roll their eyes in disapproval and tell you "Everyone and their mother has a real estate license".

But does that mean getting your license in real estate is considered a waste of time? Well, only you can answer that question. Before you dive head-first and sign up for those pesky classes and invest countless hours studying for the exam, ask yourself these few simple questions:

The List of "Do I Have What it Takes"

(1) Do I have customer service skills? Am I people's person?

(2) Do I have good sales skills?

(3) Am I able to survive the next few months [if, not year] without receiving a single paycheck?

(4) Will this be my full time job?

(5) Can I count on my sphere to use me when purchasing or selling their home? Will they recommend my services to their own sphere?

(6) Am I open to working long, unconventional hours? [Think after hours (past 4pm) and weekends]

(7) Am I a quitter? Will I be able to work with a single client for months and not give up until they close a deal?

(8) How much do I know about the industry? What is my background and experience so far? What did I major in?

(9) Am I prepared to partner up with a mentor and forgo a portion of my paycheck? Or will I be able to join a team? Maybe even shadow a successful local agent? Did I identify said agent and reach out?

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After reflecting on yourself and your character, if you still think this is the job for you, well let me tell you this, it's a very lucrative career if you have what it takes to push through. The majority of license holders are not actively pursuing real estate, and some only received the license to purchase their home or help family and friends while making some extra money on the side. So chances are, if you stick through and have the mindset that you will survive those first few tough months (ehm, or year), you will reach out to every single person you know, and you will continue to educate yourself throughout the process, you'll be cashing in and setting foot into what could potentially be a very rewarding career.

Read here why one agent decided to quit real estate.

This one talks about the agents that stuck through, seems a whopping 53% of Realtors are happy with their careers, while Americans in general came at 33%.

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